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From the outside looking in, it must seem that selling herbals is a pleasant business to be in. Just get the products and prices right and customers will order time and again. While this is true in theory, in practice it hasn't always been like that. Changing (mostly EU) legislation outlawed quite a few key ingredients resulting in modified formulas which were not always as good or effective. Some very popular brands were also banned. And in 2011 herbal remedies suddenly required certification in the same way that medicines do. Thus the change to food supplements which brought its own issues as suppliers can claim no actual benefits for such products. Using terms such as "libido boosting", "fast acting", "long lasting" or even "enhancing" et al are out. Any sellers who do use such adjectives are on the wrong side of consumer legislation.  One can make no claims which haven't been proven scientifically. Nor can user feedback be quoted to suggest performance levels. Yes, I know you can read such material all across the web but that doesn't make it permissable. International marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay are rapidly removing herbal food supplements even though they are perfectly legal to sell in the UK, EU and beyond.  We can't help but believe that big pharma is behind a lot of this anti-herbal persecution simply because its popularity is a threat to the chemical industry.  The result is that ancient herbal remedies which have done nobody any harm and, to the contrary, have enhanced so many lives down the centuries are being denied to the current (and future) generations.   This trend looks set to continue and it may be a question of how long herbal suppliers can keep going in the current climate. 

We soldier on as a small family-run firm who have been active in mail order for over 25 years and have been selling herbal capsules since 2004. We have always been supplied directly by the producer and so have studiously avoided the problems associated with cheap, nasty, (mostly) Chinese copies. Our customers know that we sell the genuine article at great prices - these capsules go for up to 4.99 each in club and pub vending machines. That's why so many order repeatedly. Enjoy them while you can. 


If you need any more information about our products or services or would like a quote for larger bulk quantities please email us at sdmicro@aol.com or telephone us on > 01953 498040 during general office hours.








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