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We are a small family-run firm who have been active in mail order for over 25 years and have been selling herbal capsules since 2004. We have always been supplied directly by the producer and so have studiously avoided the problems associated with cheap, nasty, (mostly) Chinese copies. Our customers know that we sell the genuine article at great prices - these capsules go for up to 4.99 each in club and pub vending machines. That's why so many order repeatedly. We only supply products which have been tested in-house and are known be effective.

A message from the MD>

"I think as we get older most men lose confidence in their natural ability to perform. For me it happened as I approached my 50s after a long-term relationship had broken down. I started dating women again and wanted some insurance so to speak. I bought some blue herbal capsules from a mail order firm and they worked really well. I was less impressed by the slow service and thought I could do better. 

Thus I contacted the manufacturers and started buying in bulk and reselling. Big risk but it worked out well and we were soon selling 1000s a month. We hit a few snags, the EU banned certain herbs forcing the makers to change the formulas, not always successfully. Then came the big economic down turn but we got through and sales are steady again although the recently falling has cut profit margins as most products are imported. Despite this we keep our prices as keen as mustard and certainly well below RRP. 
To be honest, I reckon this kind of aid is vital for the majority of men at some point. There's a lot of crap out there, often crude, chinese chemicals, but we only stock products which people reorder as they are generally highly effective. "

If you need any more information about our products or services or would like a quote for larger bulk quantities please email us at sdmicro@aol.com or telephone us on > 01953 498040 during general office hours.

New Service> You can also text messages or orders to> 07470594209.





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