If LocoScript is now incompatible with your new “Windows-only” printer or PC then we can offer Ability Office which comprises an excellent word processor, UK spellcheck, spreadsheet, database and more.

The great-value package can read/write files in the industry standard formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access but costs a fraction of the price of Microsoft Office. Our Loco Link for Windows program will automatically convert all LocoScript documents into various Windows formats for use in Ability Write or Word, RTF etc. 

The advanced Ability Write word processor includes options to save files in pdf or htm format which means that you can also design web pages as well as producing documents for email or internet use. This is especially good news for authors needing to get their work into suitable shape for acceptance by a publisher.

In our opinion, Ability Office offers the best upgrade option from LocoScript especially when combined with Loco Link for Windows (as on the LocoStick) to automatically convert all your existing documents, retaining most of the original styling and formatting including pagination.

It is also the perfect solution for those wishing to continue using LocoScript as their main word processor but who also need an up-to-date Windows program to edit or print their documents.

Ability Office supports colour printing on all new models, is supplied on CD with on-screen manual and costs just 9.99 when b/w the LocoStick 
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