LOCOSCRIPT Disc Copying and Conversion Order  please print out and use this form if you are reading this online or email back to us at lscript2000@aol.comi

Simply tick the boxes for the conversion option you require. If you are unsure which boxes to tick, please call us to discuss your requirements. The only options are those listed. Calculate the price for the service and return the form together with your payment and the discs to be copied to:  

LocoScript Software,
Shropham Road,
Gt Hockham
IP24 1NL

Please use protective packaging for your discs (for example a jiffy bag) as we cannot read broken discs!

Details of the discs you want us to copy to (please tick box):

[ ] Copy discs for use on a Windows/IBM compatible PC on to PC 3" [ ] CD [ ] EMAIL [ ] - tick one of the following options:
[ ] Leave LocoScript 1, 2 and 3 documents and LocoFile datafiles unchanged for use with LocoScript PC or LocoScript Professional. Note that LocoScript 4 documents should be converted back to LocoScript 3 to work with LocoScript PC or Professional
[ ] Convert LocoScript documents to:                [ ] ASCII (plain text)      [ ] RTF

[Convert LocoScript documents for use with a Windows Programs please tick one box:

[ ] Word for Windows 6, 7, 95, 97, 2000, 2003, XP and later [also suitable for Microsoft Works 4,5]

And convert LocoFile datafiles (if any) for use with one of these programs (if applicable) please tick one box:

[ ] DBase IV (compatible with Excel)


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LOCOSCRIPT Disc Copying and Conversion Important Notes  (for your retention only)

Copying for use on a PC running LocoScript Professional

The PCW LocoScript documents and datafiles are transferred unchanged to PC format discs. LocoScript Professional then will convert these to LocoScript Professional documents. In general all characters and formatting will be preserved, but there are a few minor areas where line spacing can be affected by the conversion. LocoFile datafiles will need to be squashed before they can be used with LocoScript Professional. LocoMail applications will need to be edited with LocoScript Professional, but then should Merge and Fill as on the PCW. Note that any LocoScript 4 documents should be exported back to LocoScript 3 format. If you want us to do this, we make an additional charge of 5.00 per disc.

CP/M programs will not work on the PC, though you may be able to find PC versions of the programs from the PCW. For example, Mallard BASIC can be purchased for the PC to run any converted Mallard BASIC programs. Any machine specific parts of Mallard BASIC programs (such as screen positioning codes) will need to be modified to work on a PC.

Copying LocoScript documents and datafiles to other WP formats such as Word For Windows.

This is carried out by our LocoLink for Windows program and is limited to those formats listed overleaf. If you are not using one of the programs listed, ask the supplier of the word processing software you are using on the PC which format listed can be "imported" into their software, and tick that format. RTF is a universal format which virtually all WP programs will recognise.

When converted, the filenames will be left as they were on the PCW. Some word processing programs on the PC require the filename to end with a specific three characters to be recognised. You will need to establish if this is the case (by reading your word processor's manual or by asking the support service for that word processor) and if so will need to use a file management program on your PC to change the names to something suitable for your word processor. LocoScript Software does not offer assistance in carrying out these actions.

You should also be familiar with the procedure to import files into your word processor. LocoScript Software can provide no support on the use of your word processor.

We do not guarantee that the converted file will be as it was when edited by LocoScript. In particular, exotic characters will be lost (for example most Greek and Cyrillic characters) and some formatting can be garbled sometimes very badly. This is a consequence of using an automatic conversion tool that can convert to a large number of different formats. We regret that we can only carry out the conversion on the basis that you accept this limitation. Also, we would strongly recommend that you be familiar with the PC word processor and have a copy on your PC to sort out any problems before passing the converted documents on to a third party. Valuable Data We will use first class post to return the copies (and your original discs if we cannot read them or you have paid for their return). We cannot accept responsibility if these are lost or damaged by the Post Office. You should therefore ensure that you retain a copy of any documents or data that will be difficult or expensive to reproduce in the case of loss. Alternatively, we will send discs by Special Delivery for an extra 6.50.