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If you want to keep LocoScript running on your old PC or even use our software on more modern machines then we can usually help. To order, please view the products below to select the required items from the list which can then be purchased online using our Secure SSL Order Form which accepts all major credit cards.  For lots of useful information see the HELP&FAQ section.



LocoScript PC Products


LocoLink For Windows

 LOCOLINK FOR WINDOWS Download Version @ 19.95
(Sent via email, with help file but no manual included) 

If you are moving from any version of Locoscript PC or PCW and need to use a Windows program such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or Lotus then Locolink for Windows (LL4W) lets you convert your Locoscript documents and datafiles so you can work with them in other word processors or databases. LL4W is supplied as a Windows PC program which will work with Locoscript PC and Professional documents already on PC disc. LLFW works on single or multiple files - you can select a whole folder or floppy disc at a time!

Note> The conversion of files is not always 100% and you may have to carry out some re-editing with your Windows word processor before printing the documents or passing them on to someone else. LL4W does its best to retain styling and formatting so that bold remains bold, italic, underline  pagination etc although some unique features such as special characters and LocoMail/LocoFile routines, which have no simple equivalent in other programs, will be lost.

Locolink will also convert LocoFile data into industry standard format such as DBase IV, FoxPro for Windows or ASCII(CSV), ready to import into modern databases such as Microsoft Works, Access etc. 

LL4W Requires a 32-bit version of Windows, not directly compatible with 64-bit versions. 

*Note that if you are running a 64-bit  version of Windows on your PC, you will probably need to run LLFW under one of the compatibility modes. To do this, right click on the LLFW icon after installation then select  Properties and Compatibility. Now choose an older version such as XP or 2000. Simply tick the compatibility mode box and then OK. You may be asked to download a file utility to make the conversion work and if so you should accept this. When next you click on the LLFW Icon on the Windows Desktop, the program should run as normal. 

If you don't have a suitable computer to run LL4w on, we can provide a LocoScript document data conversion service by post or email at reasonable cost. Email



CD version with full (physical paper) 24-page User Manual


For existing users worldwide whose CD or floppy versions have worn out. And as a bonus, the stick includes LocoLink for Windows, enabling you to convert your documents into Word, RTF etc.  Especially useful if any of your PCs lack a parallel port for direct printing from LocoScript . We can now supply LocoScript Professional 2/Plus precopied onto a USB memory stick so that you can take your favourite software anywhere! No need to install the program on every system you use, just plug into a spare USB port and word process away! As well as running LocoScript in this way you can also save all your documents to the stick to give you full portability and security. Plus you can directly copy documents from hard drive to/from the stick.
s well as LSPro and LL4W the LocoStick now  includes all three sets of LX Fonts, a Clipart library for use with LocoScript, Euro Symbols and *bonus* Loco Office with a full function calculator, a unit converter, label templates & simple accounts.  All available without leaving LocoScript and more convenient than the CD version!

LocoScript on a Stick (tested with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista*/7*)
Note. These specially discounted packages are sold on the basis that if LSPro cannot be made to run or print in any form on your PC then you are able to use LLFW to convert your existing documents instead. No refunds can be given on an opened software packet. Purchasers are deemed to accept these terms. An installation leaflet but no paper manuals are provided.  
*Requires a 32-bit version of Windows, not directly compatible with 64-bit versions
but see notes * and ** .


Replaces the old floppy master disc set and original CD version which won't work on Windows XP etc. The excellent 200+ page Getting Started  manual and the full 400+ page Reference manual are supplied on the CD. 
Requires a 32-bit version of Windows, not directly compatible with 64-bit versions. 

**Note that if you are running a 64-bit  version of Windows on your PC you will be unable to run LSPro directly. However, by downloading a DOS environment such as DosBox ( it is perfectly possible to run LSPro on such a machine. LSPro will run normally and it is possible to obtain a full-screen display giving you access to your LocoScript documents and files although you should bear in mind that no printing is possible from such a set up. You could however export any document in ASCII (plain text) format from within LSPro or convert single or multiple files into Word or RTF via LLFW  for printing from Windows. Please note that LocoScript is unable to give support on 3rd party software.



LSPro2/Plus Download Version @9.99> 

 COMBINATION CD Version @ 19.99
>Requires a 32-bit version of Windows, not compatible with 64-bit versions
but see notes * and ** above

Mallard BASIC PC (MSDOS 3" Disc Only) Single User Version 1.5 
Plenty of people still enjoy playing around with this venerable programming language, whether converting old PCW programs to run on a more modern machine or utilising the unique & powerful JETSAM filing commands. A routine to install on the hard drive is included although no full manual or technical support is available. Runs under MSDOS. The original user manual is now out of print but is available online at >


Looking for the perfect platform to run LocoScript PC Professional? Then check our systems page> 



3" High Density Discs 1.44mb blank/preformatted for use on PCs,
including Loco PCs and Laptops Pack of Ten with labels. Now hard to find in retail shops.

Note> For 3" CF2 or 3"Double Density Discs suitable for Amstrad PCWs etc see Retro page.


3" Head Cleaning Kit. Contains special diskette, cleaning fluid and instructions.
Can often fix read errors. Now hard to find in retail shops.


~Please Add~ TRACKABLE AIR MAIL ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS or UK Special Delivery as the above prices only calculate UK shipping rates. 
Note. We cannot ship any goods abroad unless this supplement is paid.




All versions of LocoScript for the PCW or PCs require an MSDOS compatible printer and NOT a Windows-only model. Please check that this is the case before ordering as software packages which have been opened cannot be refunded. LocoScript also requires a standard VGA display and a parallel printer port on PCs and won't print via a USB connection. All products carry a RTB warranty against physical defect but NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT is available unless otherwise stated except by special arrangement and/ or payment of an extra fee. Purchasers of the products in our price list are deemed to accept these terms.

Note that all offers are subject to stock availability and that prices may alter without prior notice. We will advise any price rises before processing orders submitted using this page.   Trading Terms

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