LocoScript and Windows 7/8


We have successfully installed and run LSPro under both Windows 7 and 8 but only in 32 bit versions (similarly to installation under Vista as explained on that help page) However, 64bit Windows is the end of the line for DOS program such as LSPro as it does not support the 16-bit sub-system. 

All is not entirely lost though as most DOS-based programs, including LSPro, will run under DOS environments such as DosBox.

 Following installation form the CD, memory stick or download versions, LSPro will run normally and it is possible to obtain a full-screen display giving you access to your LocoScript documents and files although you should bear in mind that no direct printing is possible from such a set up. 

Once you have downloaded and installed the freely-available DosBox you can get it to work with LSPro (assuming this has already been installed) by typing (at the DosBox Z prompt) 

mount c c:\lspro2\ and press <enter>  

then type c: and press <enter>  

Finally to run LSPro type

lspro and press <enter>  

Press <Alt> and <Enter> to get a large display. 

You can now run LSPro normally. The above procedure must be repeated every time you run LSPro from DosBox unless you  modify the 'Autoexec.bat' section of the DosBox 074 options configuration file to read>

mount c c:\lspro2\





As we stated previously, it is not possible to print from LSPro running under DosBox and it is unlikely that you would have a compaitible printer attached in any case.  

You could however export any document in ASCII (plain text) format from within LSPro (option f9 Export from Disc Manager) or convert single or multiple files into Word or RTF (wiith styling such as bold, italic underline preserved  via LLFW  for printing from Windows programs such as Word or even WordPad. Thus it is feasible to run LocoFile or LocoMail routines from LSPro under DosBox and then print the final result on a Windows printer.

Please note that LocoScript is unable to give support on 3rd party software other than the information on this page.

For more information on DosBox and to download this free software please visit>