LocoScript, CP/M, Mallard BASIC and The PCW Emulators

One can have a lot of nostalgic pleasure messing around with old software on the two (excellent) Amstrad PCW emulators, Joyce and CP/M Box which are available as downloads from the web. The disk images for LocoScript 4, CP/M with Mallard BASIC plus a selection of games and utilities are available on our DSK Files page at very low cost (we still hold the copyright for many of these classic programs). Please note that although we can supply the start-of-day and other software we can provide no technical support on their use with the emulators.

LocoScript running on an emulator is little more than a toy although if you have documents on old 720K PCW format 3" 720K  discs then this is a useful way of reading them again perhaps after many years. However, if you are serious about using LocoScript as a word processor then you really need to load Script Professional from the installation CD or LocoStick on a suitable PC or laptop with a parallel printer port and a version of Windows no later than XP. And if you need to recover documents and convert them to Word or whatever then you require LocoLink For Windows.