LocoScript and the Euro Symbol.

Information Page    

Many LocoScript users have contacted us to ask about compatibility with the Euro symbol which is a vital addition for our continental users or for small businesses involved in the export or import of goods or services - and especially after 01/01/2002.

There is nothing built-into the software or the character sets to allow for the provision of the special Euro symbol which was invented long after the last version of LocoScript was completed. However,  we do have some solutions, the most elegant of which is an add-on pack for LocoScript Professional 2/Plus which we have been working on recently.

Essentially, this involves specially-designed Euro graphics which can be easily incorporated into LSPro documents at any point and rescaled to match the text you are using, whether standard typefaces or the LX fonts. This has undergone successful testing and is now being released as the LSPro Euro Symbol Pack which comes complete with full instructions and samples and is available on our LSPro CD (or Loco Stick) Collections.

We also have a similar solution for PCW LocoScript 4 users in preparation.

For users of LocoScript versions prior to LSPro2/Plus 2.51 on the PC and LS4 on the PCW we have information sheets providing more simplistic ways of producing a Euro symbol, once again available to our LocoClub members. But our advice is to upgrade to the latest and best version of LocoScript for your computer!