Loco Laptop & Printers

If you wish to continue running LocoScript then you need a suitable PC or laptop with a parallel printer port and a version of Windows no later than XP. For an even more stable platform, an older laptop with just MS-DOS installed is brilliant if all you require is to run LocoScript. The only problem with the latter is that you must have the original set of four master installation discs as these are no longer available for sale due to the protection method which requires special duplication. Likewise, the master disc set won't work with Windows XP due to its file protection system (NFTS). Our Installation CD or LocoStick will enable you to load LSPro2/Plus on any PC running Windows XP (32 bit version). However, you must choose a compatible printer that uses a parallel port (LPT1)and which also contains an emulation that LSPro recognises such as HP/PCL or Epson/LX. Such models are now only available second hand.

We used to sell a range of Loco Laptops and we still get regular requests to supply such a system with or without a compatible inkjet printer with LSPro2/Plus preinstalled and ready-to-run. Prices range from 199 for the basic (LocoScript only) model to 299 for the more advanced Windows XP machine.

If you would like a quote for Loco Laptop and/or compatible or any further information then please email us at>