LocoScript Software's Systems 

You might think that because we run several businesses and maintain various web sites these days that we would use high end ultra modern PC equipment. Well as a matter of fact we don't. Everything is done on a rather battered old desktop PC and a Loco Laptop. There is a also a solitary Amstrad PCW to handle the occasional data transfer or query. 

It's not simply a case of economy; we still run a lot of legacy software including LocoScript (of course) and a brace of old MSDOS programs to do the accounts and mailing etc. These are not compatible with a really modern PC or laptop, they would not run under Windows 7 (or 8) let alone print out on a USB printer. One solution would be to use new(ish) systems to do email and the web work and then to run the legacy software on an older PC. A much better solution is to do everything under WinXP especially tailored to our use and that is what we opted for. This way we can cut and paste data between Windows and MSDOS applications with a couple of clicks. Why is this useful? Well to give one example if we need to print a single one-across address label at any time this is no problem from our Mailing List program to a Canon BJC 4300 printer (try doing that on an A4 label sheet!). Likewise if we want to print a document from LSPro. Meanwhile MS Word For Windows can use our 3in1 HP printer/copier/scanner. Our desktop PC already has a PAR port built-in but this wasn't the case with the Toshiba notebook which has only USBs. To remedy this we fitted a PCI PAR port card configured as LPT1. Thus LSPro and MSDOS are happy printing to a little Canon BJC 85 portable. We have recently acquired a scanner cartridge for this machine which enables its use as a 3in1 printer/scanner/copier like its large desktop equivalent. The result is that we have a totally mobile miniature office which can be carried around in a single laptop case.

What does all this prove? Well, with a bit of ingenuity it is perfectly possible for old and new technology to coexist side-by-side on the same system. We even have a PCW emulator installed so that even ancient Amstrad software can be run as well. 

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