LocoScript Recommended Software


Many users bemoan the lack of LocoScript's multiple cut and paste board in Windows programs. Windows own clipboard allows a pathetic single item at a time. Well, there is a handy solution and it is free. Download the excellent ClipX from the following link>


Once installed ClipX will store multiple text items - addng anything you 'copy' to a numbered list which can then be called up at any time in any program by pressing Ctrl Shift and f3 together, for pasting or managing.


If you can no longer use LocoScript perhaps because it won't run on your new PC or print from a Windows only USB printer then Jarte is a brilliant alternative to the cumbersome MS Word. It is not overloaded with features, is simple and intuitive to use, has a UK spell checker, some of the options are not unlike LSPro's and once again it is free to download from>



Antivirus software is very important on a PC and the free version of AVG is sufficient for most home users. Be careful where you download from as some third-party sites include unwanted advertising search bars and the like which can be hard to get rid of. Also watch that the 'free trial' of the upgrade paid-for version is not ticked unless you want to pay for added protection. The following link is AVG's own site>



Disclaimer> The above are simply our recommendations which we offer on an advisory basis. We can not accept responsibility for any problems which may occur with the use of third-party software nor can we offer any technical support.