LocoScript PCW to PC Data Transfers

We used to offer a very comprehensive data transfer/disc copying service but time and tide has taken its toll of our highly specialised conversion systems. However, we may still be able to help in many cases.

Transferring LocoScript documents from 3" or 3" PCW discs to a modern Windows format is not a straightforward matter. Even if you have an external floppy drive attached your PC will not read the PCW discs as standard. And even if it could, Word For Windows for example would make no sense of the data when loaded, it would just appear to be scrambled. This is because it is in a special (LocoScript) file format as it is not simply plain text. So then, this is a two stage operation; 
1> Read the (LocoScript) data from the old PCW discs.
2> Convert this data into Word document format. 

Unless you have the right combination of hardware and software there is no easy DIY solution.

LocoScript PC or Professional to Windows Data Transfers

If your LocoScript data is already on PC media then life is slightly easier. You can simply purchase LocoLink For Windows from our web site either as the full (physical) CD package with user manual or as the cheaper download version and convert selected single or multiple files (or folders or floppies) in one operation. All styling such as bold, italic or underlined text and most of the document formatting is preserved and you can load the converted documents straight into Word. The alternative, if you still have LocoScript running on a PC, is to use the export option to make a ASCII (plain text) copy of every single file. This is obviously a laborious process and all styling/formatting will be discarded. There is a "freeware" Loco conversion program available as a download but it doesn't seem to work properly and is certainly not compatible with all versions of LocoScript. Ah well, you get what you pay for.

Incidentally, when we talk of LocoScript "data" we generally mean PCW or PC documents. LocoLink For Windows can cope with every version of LocoScript ever released bar none. The program can also convert LocoFile database files as well.

LocoScript Disc Copying/Data Transfer Service

Although most of our conversion systems have been dismantled we still retain some capability to offer a useful transfer service. If you contact us with your requirements, we can provide a quote. Prices start from 10 for a (complete) disc with a discount available for quantities. However, reading (often creaky) old Amstrad discs can be very problematic and so we cannot go too low. We need to know>

- The number of discs involved.
- Whether they are
3" or 3" and preferably which PCW model they were created on eg. 8256/8512/9512/9256/10.

Non-LocoScript Data Transfers

There is generally little point in porting Amstrad PCW programs to a PC as they won't work. This is because they were written to run under the old CP/M operating system which is incompatible with MSDOS or Windows. Ah but will they work with a PCW emulator running on a PC you might ask? Well, no they won't. If you want to run an old PCW program on an emulator then you have to upload the original distribution disc (and only if it's 3") using the emulator's own special utility software. This is known as creating a "Disk Image" (DSK) like the ones on our DSK Images web page. 

Equally, there is little sense in transferring a data file created by an ancient Amstrad PCW program to a PC unless it is in a format that a Windows PC program can understand.  

Mallard BASIC listings can only be made to work (and sometimes with a bit of re-writing) in the PC version of Mallard BASIC, available in our PC Product/Price List page.

If you would like a quote for data transfer or any further information on this service then please email us with details of your requirements including the number of discs and type of format eg. PC or PCW >