LocoScript and Windows Vista

Installation Problems

Update: We have successfully installed and run LSPro under Vista but only in text mode (black/white, no graphics) as suggested below. LSPro will also load directly from our LocoStick by clicking the LSPROT icon. Far as we are aware, it is not possible to run LSPro in its standard graphical mode as Vista will not emulate a full 640x480 VGA display. If you use Vista's compatibility mode to select Windows 95 then you should get an (almost) full width/half height screen for LSPro which is a comfortable enough environment in which to use the program.  Of course, if your Vista PC does not have a PAR (LPT) port and/or a compatible printer then you won't be able to output from LSPro. However, LocoLink For Windows (LLFW) installs and runs perfectly under Vista and is again available on the LocoStick. Thus you can convert your LocoScript documents and then print them from Word etc.

We don't know an awful amount about Windows Vista yet but it is certain that the core of this operating system has moved further away from MSDOS than all previous versions. LSPro worked OK (if not optimally) under XP but Vista does not support EMS memory and thus, even if LSPro can be made to run, it will be very underpowered during operations involving LocoMail and LocoSpell and long documents. It is also likely that Vista will be found mostly on new PCs and that these won't be equipped with a PAR port and so Lspro won't be able to print out.

Our advice is to steer clear of Vista if you want to carry on using LocoScript; we can either supply one of our little Loco Laptops, which provide a perfect portable word processing solution, or our LocoLink for Windows software to enable you to convert Loco documents into MS Word or RTF.

The LocoScript business is run on a shoestring budget nowadays and we cannot justify spending £££s on a new systems just to see if/how LSPro works in all configurations and thus any feedback from users who attempt to use the CD version with Vista is welcomed.

There are numerous problems with Vista with regard to running LSPro including lack of support for EMS (expanded) memory and VGA video.

If you want to attempt an installation, you could try:-

a> Right-clicking on the Script icon and changing the default setting to "Window" rather than full screen.

b> Running LSPro in text mode only. Right click on the Script icon, select Properties and Program. Click into the command box and add a space and "/t" (without the quotes) to the line: "c:\lspro\lspro.exe"

Printing Problems

However, even if you manage to get the program running it will not print if you only have USB connections.  A USB to PAR converter will not help; this will only only send Windows output from a USB port to a parallel printer. Nor will Dos to USB software print utilities such as DosPrn; these solutions will only help with old programs which require the redirection of simple line printing (such as our Mallard BASIC) or which have a 'print to file' option. LocoScript does not offer this facility and in any case its data output requirements (complex document setup commands, margins, fonts and so on) are far greater than any so-called 'legacy' software could handle. LocoScript must print directly and to do this you would need to fit a PAR card which cost about £20 into a spare expansion slot (desktop PCs). The only real alternative is to convert your documents via our Locolink for Windows.

32bit versions of Windows such as Vista may well prove to be the end of the line for LocoScript under Windows. Creating a separate Dos partition to run LocoScript is a possible solution but you may need special software (such as Partition Magic) or professional advice to achieve this.

See Also - LSPro and Windows 7/8.