LocoScript won't install under Windows

If you have upgraded to a PC running a recent version of Windows (ME/2000/XP) then you may well find that you are unable to install LocoScript from its master disc set.

This is almost certainly due to the fact that the PC supplier has taken the option to install a "file security system" which effectively excludes low-level access to the floppy disc drive. In short, the PC will only read standard 1.44mb discs and not any other format including the (protected) 720k type which LocoScript was supplied on. If your PC supplier was aware that you needed access to MSDOS files then they really should have checked with you before installing file security although it may not be practicable to undo.

The other possibility is that you have an anti-virus checker which is suspicious of the LocoScript disc format. If you are certain that the discs are OK then the thing to do is to turn-off the anti-virus software and try the LocoScript installation again.

The ultimate solution is to obtain copy of the LSPro installation CD from us (prices start from £19.95 according to which LSPro version you have) which is designed for quick and easy loading under all versions of Windows from 95 to XP. The CD automatically installs a number of drivers covering virtually all the types of printer still compatible for use with LocoScript including Canon Bubblejets, Epson Stylus, HP Desk and Laserjets 9-pin and 24-pin dot matrix printers. Note that to work with LSPro, your printer must be MSDOS compatible (not Windows only) and must be connected to your PC via a standard parallel port (not USB).