Transferring between a PCW and PC

There are two things to be considered when transferring files between PCWs and PCs

Transferring the Files

3" PCWs to PCs

If the PC and PCW are side by side, LocoLink provides the easiest way to transfer information between Amstrad 3" PCWs and any PC with LocoScript Professional or LocoScript PC Easy; and LocoLink for Windows from LocoScript on the PCW to most Windows word processors.

Unfortunately, the special LocoLink cable/interface is now out of manufacture and so the full package has been withdrawn from sale. We may be able to provide a full cable and software package on lease if you have very large numbers of 3" discs to convert.

3" PCWs to PCs

No physical link is required when transferring files between a 3" PCW and a PC with a 3" drive, or between a 3" PCW with an added 3" drive and a 3" PC. The discs can be switched between the machines but the file formats must be changed between PCW format and DOS format, so that they are readable by the other machine.

Depending on whether you want to do the transfer on your PCW or your PC you need different software:

To convert the files on your PCW, you need Moonstone 2-in-1. To convert the files on your PC, you need CPM Copier. Both of these are available from LocoScript Software. 2-in-1 is a program you run under CP/M to write PC format discs on your PCW, whereas CPM Copier is a DOS utility which enables the PC to read a PCW format disc directly.

Working with PCW files on a PC

LocoScript 1, 2 and 3 documents can be used with LocoScript Professional and LocoScript PC Easy simply by editing them. LocoFile datafiles need to be "squashed" by LocoScript Professional or PC Easy before they can be used.

LocoScript 1, 2 and 3 documents can be used with Windows word processors by using LocoLink for Windows to convert the documents to the form required by the Windows word processor. For other PC software first transfer to a PC format disc, then use LocoScript Professional or LocoScript PC Easy to "export" the document in a suitable format - WordPerfect 5.1 (not PC Easy), Wordstar, DCA RFT or ASCII. You will need to ask the manufacturer of the software you intend to use which of these formats are suitable. With ASCII all formatting is discarded.

LocoScript 4 documents must first be exported to LocoScript 3 format by LocoScript 4. We now have a special addition to CPM Copier which can perform bulk conversions on LocoScript 4 files on the PC for use with LocoScript PC. Details on request.

To use the data from a LocoFile datafile with other PC software you will need to use LocoScript Professional or LocoScript PC Easy Mailmerge commands to output the data to a LocoScript document. You should then export the document as above. Or LocoLink for Windows can be used to convert datafiles to DBase or FoxPro formats.

To use any non-LocoScript PCW files (such as spreadsheet or accounts data) with other PC software you should consult the manufacturer of the PC software you intend to use for advice on how you can use the files - if this is indeed possible.

Working with PC files on a PCW

2in1 allows files to be copied from PC discs to PCW discs. If these files are LocoScript documents, you can edit these documents with LocoScript 3, but not directly - first, you must use LocoScript Professional 2 or LocoScript PC Easy (version 1.01 or later) to export the document to LocoScript 2/3 format. This can be done directly onto a PCW disc with LocoLink or onto a DOS format disc and then converted using the other methods. Then LocoScript 2.5, 3 or 4 will be able to work with the exported version of the document.

LocoScript database files on a PC cannot be exported to LocoFile on a PCW directly. The information in the PC datafiles must be extracted into a data document and then transferred to LocoScript on the PCW as a normal document, as described above. On the PCW this data can then be inserted into a pre-created datafile. More information on this can be obtained from LocoScript Software.