The current version 2.51 of LSPro has been in circulation for 5 years or so now with no known bugs and thus problems are generally shown in the end to be the result of Windows failing to provide a 100% MSDOS environment or hard drive/file corruption.

Our standard advice for this type of problem, which may relate to the Windows configuration on your PC  is to take the following steps, moving on to the next step only if the problem persists.

1. Restart the PC and run LSPro again. Is all OK now? If so, the problem may be a "one-off".

2. Restart the PC in MSDOS mode (if possible) or from the MSDOS program prompt.

3. If the problem is printer related, reintegrate the printer.

4. Reinstall LSPro and recheck all the configuration settings as per the LSPro installation leaflet or the appropriate information page in the Help & FAQ section of our web site. You should not lose any of  your existing documents in this process as only the system files are replaced.


5. Consider running the MS scandisk utility which will seek to find and repair any corrupted files.

The next thing to do is to check that the LSPro starter files are in the right place. Type into the Windows Start Run box:


and press ENTER.

Alternatively, restart your PC in MSDOS if possible (up to Win 98) and/or enter the above command at the MSDOS prompt (available in all versions of Windows including XP).

If LSPro runs correctly then it is Windows causing the problem. We would suggest checking the status of the LSPro icon on your desktop. Right click on the icon and select Properties and then click the Program tab. The command line should read: c:\lspro.bat and the memory tab should show Auto.

If the settings read anything else, change them to the above, click OK and try launching LSPro again.

If still no joy, click on MyComputer, then the C drive icon. Locate the LSPRO2 folder and click this. Find the file LSPRO.EXE and click this - the program should now start.

If LSPro does not run correctly, we suggest reinstalling from the CD version. This will do no harm to any of your existing files as long as you do not delete any folders.


LocoScript Support Service.