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LocoScript Inkjet Printers 

A compatible (mono) desktop inkjet printer all ready-to-go. Models illustrated: Olivetti JP & Canon BJC although stock varies. Supplied with new/refilled print head fitted.
Special Offer Whilst Stocks Last


JP 150/170/190/192 etc Monoblock (fixed) Black printhead FPJ20 prints 500-600 pages

CANON BC1-10 BLACK INK CARTRIDGEx1 for the portable Canon inkjet range BJ30/50/70/80/85. Clicks into printhead.


These canny little Canon BJ printers make ideal companions for the Loco Laptop or as a secondary printer for use with LocoScript on a desktop PC taking up very little space and portable enough to slip into a briefcase. Yet they offer quiet, high quality printing with up to 5 mono pages a minute and a built-in sheet feeder. We supply them tested and refurbished with a full printhead installed, connecting cable and power supply unit.  *Requires a Parallel Printer Port on your PC for which a cable is supplied (won't work via USB).  SOLD OUT



Loco Laptop Advanced Series 2. Last of the line featuring 500MB and 30GB HDD  and Windows XP and which is internet capable (with a wireless adaptor for connection to a broadband router).  LSPro2/Plus and a floppy drive are still part of the package of course. The actual amount of system RAM actually makes no difference to LS which uses EMS, configured from within the program's parameters under XP. Although USB slots are provided, LS still uses the old standard PAR port for printing. This is the ultimate compromise between old and new technology.  Fully tested, comes complete with power supply and connecting cable. 30 RTB warranty  SOLD OUT 




*The Loco Laptop range is now available only by special order. Please enquire for details>


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